Scam Awareness 2017

Receiving a frantic phone call that involves a person in need can cause panic and confusion. Create a “red flag” by making sure family members can recognize these scams.

Matters of the heart can blur common sense. If you’re asked to send money to a new acquaintance, often with a sense of urgency, be alert to this “red flag” - it may be a scam.

A phone call from a government employee asking for money or offering to give it away is a red flag! The government will never ask for money or give money away over the telephone.

Please help prevent scams by airing the PSAs and letting your viewers know. The Scam Awareness Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise awareness among consumers about scams and to help consumers avoid becoming victims of scams.
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Scam Awareness 2017
"Person In Need" "Romance" "IRS"
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