Let’s Show Up with Ryan Seacrest

Can you remember a time when a first responder came to you or a loved one's rescue? 

During COVID-19 these everyday heroes are risking their lives for us with every emergency call they answer, and every shift they work. Day and night, whether rescuing people in danger, fighting fires, rushing sick or injured people to the hospital, saving our lives or steadfastly nursing us back to health, they are there for us.

When you need help, these brave men and women show up, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. They put themselves in harm’s way for us. Now we want to show up for them.

First Responders Children's Foundation has teamed up with Ryan Seacrest to share the inspiring message of these selfless and dedicated people in healthcare, fire services and public safety who never take a day off from protecting us. The essential role that they play in taking care of our families, homes and communities and their noble acts of heroism are featured in :15, :30 and :60 PSAs.  

Please help us show support for first responders and give thanks to them for all that they do by downloading and placing our Ryan Seacrest “Let’s Show Up for First Responders” PSA in your active rotation.

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Ryan Seacrest
"Let's Show Up" :60 "Let's Show Up" :30
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Broadcast :60 mov (ZPLFRCF6160)
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"Let's Show Up" :15  
Broadcast :15 mov, HD (ZPLFRCF5115H)  
Broadcast :15 mov (ZPLFRCF5115)  

Ryan Seacrest
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"Let's Show Up" "Let's Show Up" "Let's Show Up"
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Ryan Seacrest
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