Let's Stop HIV Together

More than three decades after the first HIV diagnoses were made, stigma remains a barrier to addressing HIV in the United States. The Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign raises awareness that we all have a role to play in stopping HIV stigma. When we support people living with HIV, we make it easier for them to live healthy lives.

The lack of information and awareness combined with outdated beliefs lead people to fear getting HIV.

Additionally, many people think of HIV as a disease that only certain groups get. This leads to negative value judgements about people who are living with HIV.

What can be done about HIV stigma?

Get the facts. Learn HIV basics and what it means to live with HIV. Having the facts can help reduce misunderstandings and decrease stigma associated with HIV.

Talk about HIV. Talking openly about HIV can help normalize the subject. It also provides opportunities to correct misconceptions and help others learn more about HIV. But be mindful of how you talk about HIV and people living with HIV. Our stigma language guide can help.

Take action. We can all help end HIV stigma through our words and actions in our everyday lives. Lead others with your supportive behaviors. Check out our stigma scenarios for tips on what you can do when you witness stigma.

learn more at: cdc.gov/together

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Lets Stop HIV Together 2019
"Let's Stop HIV Together"
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Lets Stop HIV Together 2019
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"Let's Stop HIV Together" "Let's Stop HIV Together" (Spanish)
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