Fight With CARE®

FIGHT WITH CARE®is a new and exciting call to action for CARE USA. It is a unifying point for all of our external communications intended to attract new supporters and energize those already involved with CARE. FIGHT WITH CARE®reminds us that ending poverty and social injustice is everyone’s fight. It reminds us that we fight with a fierce determination to see that all people have equal rights and opportunities.

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From Hollywood to Hanoi, women are breaking the secrecy and silence surrounding sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace. Still, with no laws protecting them in one third of the world’s countries, 235 million women are vulnerable at work. On International Women’s Day 2018, CARE launched its #ThisIsNotWorking global campaign to raise awareness of workplace harassment and abuse as a worldwide problem, to encourage local behavior change, and to offer a solution through proposed legislation currently being developed by the International Labour Organisation to create legal protections against workplace violence and harassment. Learn more by visiting

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Worth The Penny

Worth the Penny, a 30-second PSA created by CARE, is a short but emotionally compelling video to help educate viewers on the life-saving work made possible with foreign assistance funding to international NGOs.  The video explains that foreign assistance funding is a mere one percent of the entire federal budget — or, in simpler terms, just one penny from every dollar spent. In the video, a young girl describes how that funding affects the lives of women, children, and families around the world – an investment in the fight to end poverty that is well worth the penny.

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The Power of a Box

After World War II, the original CARE Package harnessed the power of generosity in a box. It changed the world by delivering food that relieved suffering across a devastated Europe. Seventy years later, the CARE Package has evolved and today powers change in new, lasting ways for the people who need it most. Here’s the extraordinary story of an ordinary box narrated by award-winning actor Matt Dillon. Learn more by visiting

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Fight With CARE®
"Care Manifesto" "Care Manifesto"
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"This Is Not Working"
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Worth The Penny The Power Of A Box
"Worth The Penny" "The Power of a Box"
Broadcast :30 mov, HD Broadcast :30 mov, HD
Broadcast :30 mov Broadcast :30 mov
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