Holiday PSA

Every single day, in your community, we see families who need our help. Often, they’ve just lost everything to a terrible disaster—and it’s our job to help them begin to rebuild. For many, that starts with a cozy blanket, a safe place to sleep and a hot meal at a Red Cross shelter. 

No one can understand how important these comforts are until they’re gone. That’s why we spread the message of giving meaningful gifts during every holiday season. Helping a neighbor is so simple yet so powerful.


Will you air our special holiday PSA from now until December 31, 2019? Thank you in advance for taking a moment this holiday season to support your community and your loved ones.​

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Holiday 2019
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Holiday 2019
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Holiday 2019
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"Give Something That Means Something"
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Holiday 2019
"Give Something That Means Something"
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