Sharon Osbourne Colorectal Cancer Screening

Television personality, Sharon Osbourne, has recorded a public service announcement for the  American Cancer Society about the importance of  screening for colon cancer.  Colon cancer is a top priority for the American Cancer Society as it is a leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States (for both men & women) yet it can be prevented through screening.  Screening can also find the disease earlier when treatment is more effective. Our organization is focused on achieving the 80% screening rate goal championed by the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (NCCRT), an organization that the American Cancer Society helped found and leads. 

Talking about colon cancer (or bums in general) is awkward.  Sharon is known for telling it like it is. So naturally, she’s the perfect fit to tell  everyone to go get their bums checked. Sharon’s personal history of being diagnosed at age 49, and her willingness to speak boldly makes her a powerful voice to spread the important message of colon cancer prevention.  By recording a PSA Sharon is helping the American Cancer Society and the NCCRT reach the goal of increasing screening rates, which will lead to less suffering and fewer deaths from the disease.  The authenticity that she brings, with her influence and personal connection to the cause, will ensure that the message reaches the right people and can help save lives. Our goal is to maximize views of this PSA. 

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Sharon Osbourne for Colon Cancer
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