Let's Win

Let’s Win, an unprecedented online community that enables pancreatic cancer patients to share science-backed information on potentially life-saving treatments and trials that go beyond the standard of care, has released its first public service announcement (PSA). With the PSA, Let’s Win hopes to broadly share its message of hope around new treatment options that can extend the lives of pancreatic cancer patients who have often been told they are facing certain death.

Called "Winning Is," the PSA defines "winning" using the voices of real patients who gleaned information from Let's Win, as well as Dr. Allyson Ocean, a pancreatic cancer oncologist at Weill Cornell Medicine/New York Presbyterian Hospital and a co-founder of Let's Win. "Pancreatic cancer is treatable, says Dr. Ocean, and Let's Win helps patients have hope through science they will find on our site."

The power of the spot is in what winning really means to the patients – being seen as a whole person instead of a cancer patient, seeing a son graduate from high school – juxtaposed with the perception that the only way to win is with a cure. Their voices echo many in the pancreatic cancer community who simply want to find a way to live or extend their lives, and use innovative, science-driven treatments to achieve this goal.

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Let's Win
"Let's Win"
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