Health Is Primary

Health is Primary is a campaign to demonstrate the benefits of primary care with the aim of improving America's health care system. We want to ensure that we have a health care system that invests in keeping people healthy, provides comprehensive, coordinated care when needed and puts patients at the center of their care. Ultimately, we believe that health care should be focused on improving the health of all Americans and we know that a system with strong primary care can do this.

The evidence supporting the benefits of primary care is indisputable. Primary care can help Americans live longer, healthier lives while reducing the nation's health care costs:

  • • In areas of the country where there are more primary care providers per person, death rates for cancer, heart disease, and stroke are lower and people are less likely to be hospitalized.

  • • Urban and rural communities that have an adequate supply of primary care doctors experience lower infant mortality, higher birth weights, and immunization rates at or above national standards despite social disparities.

  • • U.S. adults who have a primary care physician have 33 percent lower health care costs and Medicare spending is less for states with more primary care physicians and yet these states have more effective, higher-quality care.

We hope you find the message compelling and will consider airing our public service announcement. For further information, please visit www.healthisprimary.org or email us at info@fmahealth.org.

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Health Is Primary
"Health Is Primary"
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Health Is Primary
"Health Is Primary"
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Health Is Primary
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