Tobacco Education Campaign Wins Third EFFIE Award

effie award

PlowShare Group Wins Again.

We'll add this Silver Award in the disease awareness and education: advocacy category to our 2013 Gold and 2014 Bronze EFFIEs.

On June 4, we won our third EFFIE Award for our work on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's national tobacco education campaign, Tips From Former Smokers (Tips). We'll add this Silver Award in the disease awareness and education: advocacy category to our 2013 Gold and 2014 Bronze EFFIEs.

Tips is an integrated marketing and advertising campaign that contains hard-hitting, graphic, emotional ads that feature people who have experienced real health consequences as a result of smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Research finds that the Tips campaign has been especially effective. As a result of the 2012 campaign, approximately 1.64 million Americans tried to quit smoking, and about 100,000 are expected to stay quit for good. Tackling such a difficult task as inspiring smokers to kick their addiction requires extreme dedication and persistence. We at PlowShare along with our partners from Arnold, Golin, Qualtrics, Elevation, APartnership and Legacy are elated that the EFFIE judges have continuously recognized this work that is helping Americans live healthier lives.

Read more here.

Plowshare Group Wins Gold!

effie award

PlowShare Group Wins Gold!

CDC's Anti-Smoking Campaign "drives true change in consumer behavior and real value for the brand andbusiness concerned."

On May 22, the PlowShare Group was awarded the North American Effie® gold medal in the Goodworks-Non-profit category for their work on the CDC Tips From Former Smokers campaign.

Tips is a historic campaign challenging one of the biggest health problems in the US, premature death and disease caused by tobacco use. To be successful, the campaign needs to be powerful enough and its messages clear enough to break thru the hold of addiction and provoke its audience to do something extremely difficult: quit smoking. The campaign continues to generate record numbers of calls to the quit line and CDC website where visitors can utilize free resources to help them quit. This ultimately translates into lives and families spared from the brutal effects of long term tobacco use.

Now in its 45th year, the Effie Awards represent what is widely considered the top honor in the marketing world. "Effective Marketing is the leverage of insight to create powerful programs and content that drives true change in consumer behavior and real value for the brand or business concerned", said Effie Grand Jury Chair Mark Baynes , GCMO of the Kellogg® Company.

That is precisely what the PlowShare group has achieved with its management of the Tips campaign, and why a jury of industry peers awarded us the gold.

"Let's Give Away A Vespa!"

vespa winner
Around the holidays, PlowShare elves were  busy devising ways to give back to all the good boys and girls who are our clients and make our work so rewarding. This year, after drinking lots of eggnog and listening to opera, inspiration struck - So . . . "Let's Give Away A Vespa®!"

We did, and the winner is Ryan of Porter Novelli.

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Winter 2012-13

cdc twitter

Winter 2012-2013


As expected, our winter was a busy one! PlowShare was pleased to work on the following campaigns. Exposure ranged from social media to JumboTrons.

WWF: "What Story Will We Tell About Tigers (aka life of pi)".
HHS: "Make the Call. Don't Miss a Beat" In Spanish.
Arthritis Foundation: "There are many Faces of Arthritis".
March of Dimes: "imbornto® 2013".
Youth Villages: "Foster Care Program".
Wounded Warrior Project: 2013 PSAs
eBenefits: "Honoring You".
The Trust for Public Lands: "The Power of Parks".
Center for Disease Control's: "Know More About Hepatitis C".
Center for Disease Control's: "Tips from Former Smokers, Phase 2".
Robin Hood Foundation PSAs
New York City Department of Transportation: "LOOK" Campaign".

Fall 2012


Fall 2012




This Fall, PlowShare welcomed three new hires: Emily McKee and Jim Newman, as Account Managers, and Carole van Almelo as online and new media Manager.

Congrats to Maria who was recognized as" Woman of the Year" 2012-2013 from The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) for her efforts and accomplishments working with non-profit organizations. She also attended the AMC (American Magazine Conference) that hosts more than 300 top-level magazine executives, editors and other notable media. It was clear that the Magazine industry is still strong and continues to expand. Digital magazines are not replacing hard copies- in fact, just adding another advertising option.

Katie is busy working with the New York City Department of Transportation placing their upcoming "LOOK" campaign, reminding New Yorkers to drive, bike, and walk safely, and "Be The Man", an upcoming anti- driving while intoxicated campaign.

Jeff and Wendy are leading a PlowShare team including Emily, Lisa, and Carole for the next phase of CDC's "Tips from Former Smokers" PSA campaign.

Other highlights this season included a Veteran's Day push for clients U.S. Marines and the Wounded Warrior Project; preparation for the Girl Scouts upcoming 2013 Cookie Campaign; a major assist to the American Red Cross in response to Superstorm Sandy; and promoting National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's COPD Awareness month.

Summer 2012


The Summer of 2012


Conferences, Campaigns, Casting,
Carole and Circle Line.

We were in attendance at the National Conference on Tobacco or Health, along with our partners from GolinHarris, Legacy, MPG and Arnold Worldwide. Wendy participated in the Media Networks Ancillary Meeting, providing expert feedback during an "Ask the Experts" session and in a roundtable discussion about the "Tips" campaign. Plowshare attended many interesting sessions on tobacco control topics and concluded the conference at AdFest, where our compilation video on the Tips campaign was presented.

Plowshare also attended the 2012 American Marketing Association Nonprofit Marketing Conference in early July. As exhibitors, we had the opportunity to meet and speak with organizations such as the American Cancer Society, The Alzheimer's Association and The Humane Society of United States. Katie and Eric were able to attend engaging and entertaining breakout sessions. Although we were a bit partial to the "Storytelling: The First Big Thing" by Andy Goodman, since we did nominate him as a speaker!

Tom and the Account Team are busy preparing three new campaigns for the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) promoting Physical Activity for the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition (PCFSN); promoting Breast-Feeding and targeting Obesity.

Casting is also underway for the next round of "Tips from Former Smokers", the highly successful anti-tobacco campaign for the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Casting was also completed for an upcoming campaign for Wounded Warrior Project.


Plowshare also welcomed Carole van Almelo as it's resident digital/online media manager.

But not all work and some play: mid-month, the staff took a "retreat" together, sailing around NYC on the Circle Line Cruise. A grand time was had by all.

PlowShare manages landmark ad campaign for CDC

gold star

PlowShare manages landmark ad campaign for CDC: yields almost 200,000 more calls to state quitlines after 12 weeks.


Visits to smoking cessation website up by more than 400,000
Press Release, June 14, 2012
For Immediate Release Contact: Division of News & Electronic Media

The "Tips From Former Smokers" national ad campaign has generated almost 200,000 additional calls to 1-800-QUIT-NOW, a portal that links callers to their state quitlines, and more than 400,000 additional unique visitors to, a federal website designed to help people quit smoking, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced today.

Based on previous state experience, these numbers indicate that the 12-week campaign, which began March 19 and ended on June 10, is on track to surpass the goal of generating at least 500,000 quit attempts, and 50,000 successful, long-term quits. Further data detailing the number of quit attempts will be available later this year.

"These initial results suggest that the campaign will help even more people quit than we had hoped, exceeding our already high expectations," said CDC Director Thomas R. Frieden, M.D., M.P.H. "More than two thirds of all smokers want to quit. People who smoke die sooner and live sicker. This campaign is saving lives and money."

CDC anticipates some 50,000 smokers will end their addiction as a result of the ad campaign. It is estimated this will result in an annual savings of approximately $70 million dollars in medical and productivity costs.

The campaign featured a diverse set of ads profiling people who are living with the effects of smoking-related diseases. It marked the first time a federal agency had developed and placed advertisements for a national tobacco education campaign. The ads in the "Tips from Former Smokers" campaign show how smoking-related diseases have change the way these former smokers eat, dress and perform many other daily tasks that most people take for granted.

Overall call volume to 1-800-QUIT-NOW more than doubled during the campaign, and weekly website volume tripled compared with levels prior to the campaign. There have been more than 365,000 calls to 1-800-QUIT-NOW and almost 630,000 unique visitors to since the campaign began. Based on calculations using data from the week prior to the campaign as a baseline, the campaign generated nearly 192,000 additional calls to 1-800 QUIT-NOW and an additional 417,000 unique visitors to the website.

Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States, killing more than 1,200 Americans every day. About 8.6 million Americans are living with a smoking-related disease. Each day, over 1,000 youth under 18 become daily smokers. Smoking-related diseases cost Americans $96 billion a year in direct health care expenses, a substantial portion of which come in the form of taxpayer-supported payments.

The campaign is an important counter to the nearly $10 billion spent annually by the tobacco industry to make cigarettes more attractive and more available, particularly to youth and young adults. The campaign cost $54 million dollars to develop and implement – the amount the tobacco industry spends on advertising and promoting cigarettes in just two days.

For more information on the campaign, including profiles of the former smokers, other campaign resources and links to the ads, visit

March of Dimes "Healthy Babies" Campaign Featured in NY Times.

MArch of Dimes Healthy Babies Article

March of Dimes "Healthy Babies" Campaign Featured in NY Times.


The new public service spot— in 15-, 30- and 60-second versions, in English and Spanish — will be distributed in a number of ways by Plowshare.

"The March of Dimes has gone to YouTube to find a video to illustrate its latest public service advertising campaign, part of an initiative by the United States Department of Health and Human Services to prevent preterm birth.


The spot employs time-lapse film of a woman during her pregnancy.


The spot employs multiple still photos, cut together into a time-lapse film, of a woman, dressed in black jeans and a turquoise tank top, who poses against a white wall and exposes her ever-expanding belly throughout the nine months of her pregnancy.


Paul Behnen, executive creative director of Barkley, an agency based in Kansas City, Mo., which has worked with the March of Dimes for five years, said the agency found the video — made by a couple in London whose daughter, shown at the end by her proud mother, is now 2 1/2 — on YouTube."


Read Full Article In NY Times Here

PlowShare Honored for Service to Homeless Shelter

Stamford award

The Stamford CT Shelter for the Homeless Proudly Bestows the "Corporate Rays of Hope Award" to PlowShare Group.


Long-standing commitment and generous
support is recognized at annual gala.

"In a unique way PlowShare is a family and a very talented one. Under the leadership of Jeff Boal and John LaRock they are the largest distributor of public service announcements in the country We at the Shelter feel like we have been taken into their family. In ways big and small, and a list so very long including financial support, meal service, creative help at Gala time PlowShare has been 'there for us"!

Since its inception, Jeff has created and made the David Mond Award; on his birthday John has his birthday cake sent to the shelter; at gala time, Lisa has lent us her graphic expertise. And Annmarie has been the one to keep the spirit alive. Every family needs a cheer leader.

This corporate award is unusual in that it goes to each member of the PlowShare team: we are so appreciative of their commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to the Shelter for the Homeless and for the joy they bring to our work together.

For its ongoing support of the Shelter we proudly present the 2012 Rays of Hope Corporate Award to PlowShare."

PlowShare Manages CDC's Largest PSA Campaign

PlowShare Group Manages
"Tips from Former Smokers"


CDC Rolls out $54 Million Anti-Smoking Campaign.
View All Assets Here

March 2010

The Plowshare Group is proud to be the contractor for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Tips from Former Smokers" advertising campaign. Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the U.S. and this hard-hitting campaign has already created a lot of chatter since its March 15th media launch - and it's been extraordinarily positive – with impressive increases in calls to the 1-800-QUIT-NOW phone number, and visits to

The "Tips From Former Smokers" campaign serves as an important counter to the nearly $10 billion spent annually by the tobacco industry to make its products more attractive and more available—particularly to youth and young adults.

Real people from across the United States were selected to appear in the ads, and to tell their own personal stories of living with the effects of smoking. The powerful work produced by PlowShare's creative partner, Arnold Worldwide-Boston, makes everyone in a room stop and take notice of just how devastating the effects of tobacco can be. Perhaps this is why the campaign has garnered so much interest.

PlowShare has noticed the encouraging impact through emails, social media comments, and 'word on the street' anecdotes. The cast members' compelling stories really hit home for some viewers of the ad campaign, as they have seen what has happened to their own family members, friends, or themselves.

In addition to TV and radio, the 12-week paid campaign includes creative rotations in print, online, OOH, and mobile. Supplementary outreach efforts include placements on a Times Square digital billboard, in-bar/restaurants, cinema, and elevator screens.

PlowShare sponsors the 2012 DC Addy Awards


2012 DC Addy's


Wendy Moniz served as co-chair along with Beth Johnson of RP3 Agency. PlowShare was a Red Ribbon sponsor of the event.

The DC Ad Club presented its 2012 ADDY® Awards, recognizing advertising creative excellence, to a sold out crowd on Thursday, March 15, at the Almas Temple, Washington, DC. The reception and awards presentation was attended by about 400 area advertising and media professionals.

This year's theme took on a sporty look and was called "Participate!" Invitations to the event included 'winners' ribbons that everyone can remember receiving from their youth just for showing up and, well, participating.  Given enough imagination, Almas Temple was decorated to resemble a gymnasium without the sweaty musk - pennants hanging from the upper level floor, excitement, caterers wearing referee shirts, loud cheers, remote controlled blimps, jock rock, cheerleaders, and even foam fingers donated by PlowShare.  An added bonus was the emcee of the evening, voice of the NHL's Washington Capitals, Wes Anderson, whose game night enthusiasm gave the festivities slapstick appeal.  Attendees were also encouraged to place ribbons on the best creative ads before the 'Fan Favorite' award was presented later in the evening and leading up to the Best of Show award.

The DC Ad Club received 795 entries from 87 agencies, design firms, in-house marketing departments, freelancers, interactive firms, production companies, PR firms, and students. This represents an 18 percent increase over the number of entries in 2011. A panel of 10 judges-general market and interactive-was convened to review and score the entries based on creativity, originality and creative strategy. Winning entries were honored with a total of 111 Gold ADDY® Awards, 114 Silver ADDY® Awards, and 8 Student ADDY® Awards, along with Best of Category and Best of Show Awards.

February 2012: DC Office Move

PlowShare's DC Area Office on the Move


Patience. Patience. Patience - the words that have led to PlowShare Alexandria's new place of work at 128 King St.

ALEXANDRIA, VA — February 2012

After two years of searching for just the right space, we got very lucky and found a perfect little gem that with a little TLC and a visionary architect, is now our happy home.


The second floor office was gutted and reconstructed to give a presence of an old farm barn with reclaimed wood used as flooring and as wall accents, complemented with existing exposed brick walls throughout, and sliding wood panel doors that can be moved along the length of the office. For fun, a small portion of drywall was painted to be used as a chalkboard; this sure will be used for client greetings and inspirational quotes.

We hope that if you are in the Old Town Alexandria area that you stop by to say hello and have a seat in our comfy red lounge chairs for a chat and a cuppa joe!

September 2011

Since February the launch of the "Make the Call. Don't Miss a Beat." campaign has earned millions of dollars in donated media from TV, OOH, and print.

STAMFORD, CT — September 2011

If you have heard the radio spots we created for the campaign, you may have felt the need to dance:

St. Joseph Franciscan Health System in Tacoma, Washington.  The heart attack symptoms dance was choreographed and first performed by campaign partners Spirit of Women for their "Day of Dance for Health" initiative. The event welcomes the entire community to dance and learn about heart disease.  Each dance movement acts out the seven symptoms women may feel prior to a heart attack and tells listeners to call 9-1-1 for medical assistance. Click Here to View
Indiana State Fair A flash mob performed Sunday in front of the grandstand at the Indiana County Fair to raise awareness of heart disease among women. The display of choreographed dance and music was organized by the Spirit of Women program at Indiana Regional Medical Center. Click Here to View
Pepin Hospital Staff at Pepin Heart Hospital in Tampa developed a video and a t-shirt. They used it throughout the hospital and with their management team.  The symptoms are printed on  the back of the shirts so that everyone could follow along with the jingle and the dance! Click Here to View

August 2011

text for babies photoshoot

Three things we learned in August.

August, for some of us, had been an exciting time.
Through the month we came to learn a few things
that we believe is noteworthy.

STAMFORD, CT — August 2011

Atlanta is indeed HOTlanta!
PlowShare team members bought some Georgia peaches and attended the 5th Annual National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media as participants and exhibitors hosted by our client, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Why was it hot? Sure, the weather was a bit on the exploding mercury side, but PlowShare came away from the conference with a great sense of what the trends are within the health communications industry.

Of course we were interested in some of the insights presented about anti-tobacco marketing campaigns, but how could we not miss topics like: how media coverage effects public health opinion, using social marketing to foster community change, or how audience research makes campaigns more relevant, compelling and credible?

And, in general we made some great new friends that we hope we can make into hot leads!

Location shoots can be used as learning tool.
This month made our VP of account management an intrepid traveler. Not only was Wendy in Atlanta, but also she traveled to location shoots for two different clients – CDC and Text4Baby. Each client team had never participated in shoots before and they were given firsthand opportunities to see what happens beyond the conference tables, scripts and storyboards. If questions came up, they were able to confer with Wendy, the creative team, or director and learn how some things can spark an idea and to try it on set. Those clients now have experiences that will carry on through follow up shoots.

We knew about hurricanes, but earthquakes!?!?
The 5.8 earthquake that literally shook our DC office and was felt around the Stamford, CT headquarters surprised many on the east coast. During the same week, we were greeted with a hurricane. While all of us, and our friends, remained safe we take pride in knowing that we help communicate the humanitarian and disaster preparedness efforts of our American Red Cross and FEMA clients. For more information go to:


Summer 2011

Beach Towels; text4baby campaign;
Lori Mosca Honored; AMA/AMAF Conference.

Plowshare is keeping busy this summer.

STAMFORD, CT — July 2011

Our clients were treated this summer to a beach towel designed by our Lisa Silva. Just a colorful way of telling our friends how we feel about them and how we feel about summer!

New client: Plowshare will be creating robust, creative TV spots that will support the amplification of the text4baby brand. In the Fall of 2011, National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB) will be launching a nationwide advertising campaign to support the text4baby service and kick start trial of the service. To help more pregnant women and new moms get information about caring for their health and giving their babies the best possible start in life, the HMHB launched text4baby, the first free health text messaging service in the U.S. Text4baby supports moms by providing accurate, text-length health information and resources in a format that is personal and timely. Click here to visit the HMHB website.

The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease will honor Lori Mosca, MD, MPH, Ph.D with the Wenger Award for Excellence in Medical Leadership at the 11th Annual Wenger Awards, Monday, June 20, in Washington, DC, for her extraordinary contributions to advancing women's heart health. PlowShare Group was proud to have worked with Dr. Mosca this past Spring and looks forward to her continued service towards women's cardiovascular health. Click here to visit our work on the campaign.

In July, Plowshare will sponsor and present at The 2011 AMA/AMAF Nonprofit Marketing Conference held in Washington DC. The conference will zero in on today's marketing essentials to help PSA organizations better engage members/constituents and meet mission-critical objectives. This cutting-edge, highly interactive conference will focus on marketing strategy, relationship management, integrating traditional and digital marketing communications, as well as breakthrough branding that will ensure continued professional and organizational growth. Click here to visit the site for more information.


PSG Creates First Mobile App for Tracking PSAs

PSG Creates First Mobile App
for Tracking PSAs


Enables clients to capture PSA trending data on phone.

STAMFORD, CT — May 2011

When PlowShare released FertileData in 2003, it changed the way we were able to keep our clients updated with the results of their campaigns. Our clients can look up live media results at any time, compare current campaigns with those from past years, and even look up individual TV or radio stations to see their usage patterns. The only problem, of course, is that you can't use it unless you're at a computer.

That is, until now.

PlowShare has just finished developing a mobile application for FertileData, bringing all the functionality of the website to the iPhone, Blackberry, and Droid.

With the mobile application, PlowShare's clients can check up on their campaigns' media results anytime, anyplace. In addition, FertileData Mobile was built with features you can't find anywhere else: Clients can view daily and weekly statistical trends for time periods up to six weeks, which makes it easier to pinpoint what is and isn't working in a distribution. Furthermore, FertileData Mobile allows clients to easily generate charts and graphs of campaign performance, or visualize their campaigns' results broken down by individual media. And of course, our clients can view their weekly campaign updates, just as they always have.

As if FertileData weren't addictive enough already.

For more information, contact Tom Derreaux at The app can be found here for download:


PSG Creates and Distributes PSAs For Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project & PlowShare Group Launch PSAs to Raise Awareness & Enlist Aid
for Injured Service Members


Academy Award Winning Actor Kevin Costner Lends Voice to Campaign

STAMFORD, CT — February 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/

Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), in partnership with PlowShare Group, has launched a series of new public service advertisements aimed at raising awareness and enlisting support for the needs of injured service members of the nation's military. Over 40,000 members of our nation's armed forces have been physically wounded during the current military conflicts.

Hundreds of thousands more are estimated to be recovering from invisible wounds of war, including post-traumatic stress disorder, major depression and traumatic brain injury (TBI). WWP assists wounded warriors and their families through a holistic approach to their recovery. Whether through caregiver retreats, combat stress programs, career and education services, or adaptive sporting opportunities, WWP empowers warriors with the tools essential to not just survive their injuries but to thrive and achieve personal and professional success.

See All Campaign Assets Here > | Visit More PSG Creative Here >



PlowShare Group Surveys PSA Directors


PlowShare Group Survey Reveals Beta
Remains Preferred Format Among Nation's Public Service Advertising Directors


The PlowShare Group Releases the Results of Its Public Service Directors Survey

STAMFORD, CT – January 27, 2011

The PlowShare Group released the results of its Public Service Directors Survey, revealing that in spite of numerous digital downloading options, Beta tape remains the preferred format for receiving public service ads (PSAs). However, with 62% of respondents citing "occasionally" or "frequently" downloading PSAs, it's clear that a shift toward tapeless formats is in progress. The new survey was developed as a follow-up to a 2009 poll conducted to determine how prepared stations were to accept and air PSAs in digital H.264 format. The objectives of the recent survey were to: 1) Identify each station's preferred PSA format(s), in order to observe any shift in preference; 2) Determine how stations that digitally download PSAs prefer to receive materials, and 3) Identify any deterrents to downloading PSAs.

Distribution of US HHS Women's Health Campaign

US Department of Health & Human Services Office on Women's Health Selects The PlowShare Group


Campaign to Raise Awareness of Heart Attack Symptoms in Women and the Importance of Phoning 9-1-1

STAMFORD, CT – October 13, 2009

The PlowShare Group today announced that it has been awarded a contract from the US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) to develop a comprehensive awareness and behavior change campaign to raise awareness of heart attack symptoms in women and the importance of phoning 9-1-1 for help.

Creative of US HHS Women's Health Campaign

PlowShare's PSAs Depict Seven
Symptoms of a Woman's Heart Attack



The US Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women's Health has partnered with PlowShare to create a campaign that will raise awareness of women's heart attack symptoms and the importance of calling 9-1-1 to seek immediate medical attention. Launched in February, National Heart Month, the "Make the Call. Don't Miss a Beat" public service campaign includes television, radio, billboard, posters, print and a social media campaign.


See All Campaign Assets Here > | Visit More PSG Creative Here >

PSG Hits 34,000 TV Airings in Single Month


PlowShare Client TV Campaigns Record a
Record-Breaking 34,000 Cumulative
TV PSA Airings in a Single Week

STAMFORD, CT – March 14, 2011

This past week was one for the record books as PlowShare Group client PSA campaigns realized a staggering 34,000 airings in a single week of tracking. The TV ads were tracking through the AC Nielsen "Sigma" PSA media tracking service and were reposted to the PlowShare proprietary FertileData online media usage and tracking software.

HHS Campaign Highlights "Million Women Summit"


HHS Highlights "Make the Call. Don't Miss a Beat" Heart Attack Awareness Campaign at the "Million Women Heart Summit"


PlowShare client co-sponsored Events of the Heart's "Million Women's Heart Summit" on April 6, 2011

Members of the PlowShare team traveled to New York City to watch Suzanne Haynes, PhD, HHS, present the significance of the "Make the Call. Don't Miss a Beat" heart attack awareness campaign. Haynes was one of many advocates who participated in hopes of getting one million women screened for heart disease.

Held at fashion designer/philanthropist Donna Karen's Urban Zen Center, the event included actress Brenda Strong, cardiologist Dr. Lori Mosca and others from the technology, fashion, medical and entertainment industries, who shared stories of heart disease.

Visit More PSG Creative Here >

PSG Secures New York's Times Square JumboTron for Clients


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PlowShare Clients HHS and CARE Take Advantage of High Visibility and Impact of Times Square's Largest Digital Screen

STAMFORD, CT – April 14, 2011

As part of its growing commitment to provide PSA clients with "landmark" media opportunities, PlowShare Group has secured the commitment of Times Square's largest digital screen to air clients' TV PSAs. These placements are opportunistic and event driven and provide a select, highly visible but targeted media opportunity. It's fun for clients to see their campaigns among the lights and crowds of Times Square.

More About PSG PSA Distribution Here >

PSG Sponsors ADDY Awards; Wendy Moniz Co-Chairs

The DC Ad Club Presents 2011 ADDY® Awards, Recognizing Advertising Creative Excellence


PlowShare Group's Wendy Moniz Co-Hosts

The DC Ad Club presented its 2011 ADDY® Awards, recognizing advertising creative excellence, on Tuesday, March 15, at the Almas Temple, Washington, DC. The theme of the evening's celebration was the Festival of St. Bernardine, the patron saint of advertising and public relations. The annual award show kicked off with a witty monologue by host and emissary of St. Bernardine, Father Guido Sarducci. In keeping with this year's theme, PlowShare sponsored the event as a "Hallowed Benefactor," and Wendy Moniz served as co-chair of the event, which was attended by over 350 area advertising and media professionals.

ASPCA Selects PSG 2011 Campaign


PlowShare Has Been Selected to Support
ASPCA's PSA Media Outreach Efforts

STAMFORD, CT – April 22, 2011

PlowShare Group is proud to be part of the ASPCA communications family. We will be providing the animal rights organization with critical support services in the development of their PSA media outreach efforts. Our goals are simply to encourage the media to utilize the ASPCA's messages of help and hope surrounding animal care and well-being.

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